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Who Is A Doctor? Essay

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Reading this scenario brings several questions to mind regarding the way her father was treated prior to admission to the hospital. Who was his doctor before that diagnosed him with this terminal illness? What escalated him to become so disoriented to where he looks as though he is suffering from malnutrition and how did he become so bruised? According to the signs of liver cancer patients will experience feeling fatigue, liver enlargement, vomiting, itching abnormal bruising and bleeding. Being a naturopathic physician her skill set is mostly holistic and she wishes to treat him that way which is causing his symptoms to escalate more rapidly.
Understanding that for physicians and staff in any hospital their main priority is for the welfare and care of their patients. Doctors have to pledge the Hippocratic Oath before becoming a doctor and it is “First Do No Harm”. I wonder if this is the same for any physician whether it be an MD or naturopathic physician. Also, first of all why is she taking care of her father? I thought that as a physician they are warned against working on family members.
Professional objectivity may be compromised when an immediate family member or the physician’s personal feelings may unduly influence his or her professional medical judgement. Patient autonomy and informed consent are relevant when a physician attempts treatment of their immediate family (AMA. 1993).
Dimensions of Ethical Dilemmas
How many patients with this same illness has she treated and cured with these natural herbs? Or is she just trying new found medicines because of her love for her father. If she is not the licensed physician in charge of caring for her father she should not be allowed to administer anything down her father’s NG ...

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...sician to provide care for her father whether it be another naturopathic doctor or an MD because, of the fact that her feelings for her father could have clouded her judgement when it pertained to caring for her father. This case is a prime example as to why doctors are warned against providing care to their loved ones, she was insistent on curing her father to where she had blinders on when it came to his true reason for being there in the first place. Reiterating why he was first brought in to the hospital, terminal liver cancer, bruises, fatigue and in pain. She seemed to have forgotten the fact that the first priority is to care for the patient and to do no harm. Her overstepping caused problems for the doctor and the staff as well because on one hand trying to comply with the daughters wishes while making sure that the patient is receiving the proper care.

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