Who Is A Better Driver? Essay

Who Is A Better Driver? Essay

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Who is a better driver - teenagers or adults? Who is more responsible while driving? Many people would say an adult, but that is not always the case. Everyone gets distracted at some point while they are driving, even if they do not admit it. The age of a person, what gender they are, or what race they are does not matter, they have probably driven distracted. AT&T is the company who created “The Unseen - It Can Wait” ad which is about distracted driving, specifically, texting and driving. Most people consider this a sad, emotional commercial trying to get people to think about their actions and not text while driving, but there is more to this ad. AT&T is a company who makes and sells phones so it is unusual how they made this ad since the ad is saying do not text and drive. AT&T made this ad to show what their values and beliefs are which, is safety. Before readers may realize texting while driving is dangerous; however, after taking a closer look, they will see AT&T’s values and how they target ‘responsible’ adults or parents.
AT&T’s “The Unseen - It Can Wait” ad starts off with a man driving and then his phone rings from getting a text message. There is a little kid’s voice saying, “Do you want to answer that?” The man responds and says, “Nah I’d never with a kid in the car.” While all of this is going on there is music softly playing in the background. The kid answers the man and says, “That’s okay, I’m not here” and then the music stops. When the man turns around he sees that the little boy is now not in his seat and he is gone. Another text message comes through on the man’s phone. This time, the man looks down and gets his phone to look at the message. Again the little boy’s voice appears, and he says, “I’m there.” Whe...

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...good phone company. The quotes at the end of the ad really get the audience’s attention, because the screen goes black and the letters are in white.
While many people see the AT&T’s “The Unseen – It Can Wait” ad as just an ad to get people to stop texting while driving, it is much more than that. AT&T uses a vast amount of techniques to show how they care about the safety of all of their customers. Not only do they show their customers how their actions affect all the people in their car, they also show them how it affects other people on the road. Most people would never text with another person in the car, but when they are alone, they feel like they cannot hurt anybody else. AT&T does a wonderful job of showing them that others are always affected by their actions. The company also uses these techniques to hook people and get more people to join their company.

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