Who I Would Wind Up At The University Of Bridgeport Essays

Who I Would Wind Up At The University Of Bridgeport Essays

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Who knew I would wind up at the University of Bridgeport? I recall my senior year of High School when I was applying for colleges, I didn’t know anything about UB. I applied to all the typical colleges like everyone else, such as Yale, Syracuse, and Uconn etc. My mother wanted me to stay local but I wanted to get the full college experience so I decided to apply to a school outside of New York. At the time all my friends were receiving acceptance letters I was getting “Thank you for applying, but we will not be accepting you at this time.” I received three or four letters of denial. I was very heartbroken and I thought I was not going to be able to attend college. What hurt the most was I worked so hard in high school, graduating third in my class., so I could be accepted into the top colleges. I heard about the University of Bridgeport from my friend, I had nothing to lose so I decided to apply. In two to three weeks, I got a congratulatory letter saying I was accepted. I was so ecstatic; my mother was not that happy because she felt the school was excessively expensive, so she did everything possible to alter my decision to attend UB. I knew she had good intentions, but I did not care, one way or another I was going to the UB. I never visited the school before attending UB. In fact, my first time at UB was when it was time to register for class.
My first semester at the University of Bridgeport I immediately got a job at Ruby Tuesday as a busser and I gradually moved up to be a host. I really loved UB because it was small and very diverse. It was amazing experience, I would literally walk to class, and I can hear five to six different languages by the time I got to class. Also, my first semester I got involved with different cl...

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...e amount of success I would have attending UB, its one of my greatest decision I made in my life so far. This year has been espically tough with my mother battling breast cancer. I don’t know what I would have done without the support of staff memebers like Edina, My RD and many great people that works for the university. Their support have kept me focused and motivated to keep making my mark at UB.
Although I am very involved at the university and work tirelessly to pay for my education by myself, I never lost sight of my academics. I have been doing my best to maintain a GPA over a 3.0 and so far I have been very successful. Acadmics is essential to my life goals therefore keeping a solid GPA is always my top priority. I love Ub for everything it has done for me. I hope to be successful in the future so I can give back to this amazing school one day. UB, U KNOW!

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