Who I Am I? Essay

Who I Am I? Essay

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Who am I? I am a hispanic cisgendered male. Sexually I consider myself a Demi/Pansexual. Religiously I’m considered agnostic and economically I am a middle/lower class.
I was raised in an middle size hispanic household for most of my life (Mother,Father,Grandmother, Aunt, and cousin all under one roof). My mother is American, but of Dominican descent, while my father was born in Puerto Rico but came her as a child. I grew up in Brooklyn NY, Sunset Park. Being a hispanic had both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages were that I was very family oriented. Hispanic households usually have multiple generations in them. My mother was very loving and now is like a best friend. However growing up she had to work a lot so I was very close with my grandmother. She taught me very traditional values. Although there was one lesson she taught me that I remember because it haunts me. She told me “No matter what you do, DO NOT run at night, do NOT run near or around police. If they stop you keep your head down and answer their questions slowly and with respect. Too many of us are dying because of cops”. Yep she taught me this at the age of 6. This brings me to the negatives of being hispanic. I went to a predominantly white middle school and I was picked on based on my skin color as well as my sexuality ( I was very flamboyant). Anyways being hispanic people look at you very differently than if you were white. Some people do not trust me just based my skin color. Others do not trust me based on the fact I speak spanish. They feel like I’m plotting against them. I can not go into a store and not be followed around. The idea that just because I have melanin in my skin automatic assume I will rob you or that I am anti-establishmen...

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...allowed me not to feel excluded by society. Also does not make me feel uncomfortable using a restroom that does not align with my gender identity. Ultimately I was lucky to be cisgendered and there are not any disadvantages to being cisgendered.
Looking back I’ve experienced so much in my short life. The key question is “Why do you see the world in the way that you do?”. My perspective on how the world works in based on my past and current experiences bases around my sex, gender, sexual identity, race, etc. However, my perspective is not set in stone, as I gain more experience my perspective with change. My perspective is based around how society see me. If society perceives me to be a dangerous person who should be watched at all times. I would either conform to what society thinks or I would go to the extremes to denounce what society thinks of me.

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