Who I Am As A Creditor Essay

Who I Am As A Creditor Essay

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Who I Am
According to a quote Stokely Carmichael once said, "There is a higher law than the law of government. That’s the law of consciousness". Because of proclaiming my status as a Creditor, I have learned the importance of our culture, loyalty to my Indigoes people, and self-educating.
At 23 years old, I received my introduction to the power of knowledge that I have inherited from my Creator. Ear hustle bit and pieces from my elder has start my own path. Intrigue by the jewels of wisdom from these high-ranking Mason and five percenters concisely at constant debates with well develop facts of research I immediately picked up the sermons unconsciously. Hearing certain words and names from both parties such as Anunnaki, Moorish Science, Prince Hall, Noble Drew Ali, Clearance X and Shiners spoke to my inner being. Just to find out all of this derivate from the Indigoes people.
Because of becoming a Creditor, I understand that my culture is vital to my way of life. Culture itself keeps me in tune with the Universe, My Ancestors in the spiritual realm and my true essences. Living by t...

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