Who Gets Hurt From Gambling? Essay

Who Gets Hurt From Gambling? Essay

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Gambling provides a person with the opportunity to make in minutes what it might take a lifetime to achieve by working. If you hold the right cards, pick the right machine or roll the dice at the right time, it could be just the lucky break you need. The thought that a big score can be achieved at any moment can be intoxicating at first gambling can be a fun and interesting way to spend the time. But as the old saying goes “it’s all fun and games till someone gets hurt;” comes to my mind. But who gets hurt from gambling? The answer here is everyone in that person’s family, inner circle of friends, fellow employees and the gambler themselves. Gambling problems often cause family members to feel ashamed, hurt, angry, confused and distrustful. These feelings make life harder and in turn it causes other things to just complication the gambling problem. It also can hurt relationships or even cause two people to part. Like other addictions, it is surrounded by denial, and is very hard to accept that help is needed in order to make major life changes. The gambler often feels alone in this struggle and often times feels the only thing they are hurting is their finances. One of the first steps is to help open that person’s eyes to the problems they are causing other people.
“I guess today just wasn’t my lucky day.” This statement that is made in a variety of situations but, by far the hardest one to hear it from is someone with a gambling problem. When someone who you love and respect tells you this it can often cause panic and anxiety. The panic begins right when the gambler begins to get quiet, withdrawn and focused. What they are focusing on is the prospect of winning, and depending on the level of addiction, the win they are looking...

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...oblems are also magnified for people that have anger, anxiety or self esteem issues because they often times cannot stand their ground or keep a level head in extreme situations.

Living with a gambler can be a roller coaster ride. First you can’t believe what you are seeing and feeling, it’s such a rush, and then when the excitement is gone things dull down a lot. All of the problems that a spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, or close family member feel from the addiction so would just a plain roommate. Also when and if the gambler does get help, life must change all around him. This is not something that can be changed overnight and does require quite a big transition like most addictions. A gambling addiction can cause so many negivitve effects on a person’s life and well being, it is so similar to drug addiction and honestly I don’t think very many people realize that.

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