Who Controlled the Mississippi River During the Civil War Essay

Who Controlled the Mississippi River During the Civil War Essay

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By the end of the Civil War’s second year, after many grueling battles already taking place along the countryside, Union forces had gained control over the majority of the Mississippi River. Apart from one vital stretch between Port Hudson and Vicksburg, where few northern boats dared to test the confederate controlled boundaries, the Union utilized America’s major trade route to transport supplies and products. From the onset of the Civil War, both Presidents understood that who controlled the Mississippi River controlled the lifeblood of America. As a result, the occupation of Vicksburg was Abraham Lincoln’s goal and obsession during his presidency in the White House; he declared it the key to winning against southern independence. Opposition leader Jefferson Davis of the Confederacy, declared Vicksburg’s strategic importance as “the nailhead that held the South’s two halves together.” For both armies the Siege of Vicksburg held symbolic importance, where they fought to the death. Ultimately for the Confederates, Vicksburg dictated their future for legitimacy, as a loss would undermine their status of nationhood. Developed by circumstances, it was the location where the two main forces went head to head and neither side could afford to blunder.
Previous to the 1863 Siege of Vicksburg, the campaigns of the Civil War resulted in strain amongst the nation. As a matter of fact, the Battle of New Orleans and the failure of the Vicksburg Campaign of 1862 are considered the most influential battles that contributed to Ulysses S. Grants victory of Vicksburg during 1863. Beginning on April 25, 1862 officer David G. Farragut and his squadron of 43 ships conducted the inevitable offensive against New Orleans. With a swiping furry of for...

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...ou are the most advanced, strength and power triumphs speed.
Since the beginning, General Ulysses S. Grant understood that outmaneuvering the Confederate army or occupying certain areas on the map would not decide the outcome of the Civil War. Henceforth, with the commencement of the Vicksburg Campaign on April 28, 1863 Grant seized the initiative based from the operational level of war continuing on until the finish. Believing in the ultimate goal of peace, Grants objective during the campaign was in total war against the Confederate army. Every military operation Grant conducted was exercised toward the destruction and unconditional surrender of the enemy. What he believed and fought for was revolved completely around attaining peace as fast as possible.
After trying a plethora of methods to cross the Mississippi River, deemed unsuccessful Grant reached out

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