Who Becomes An Addict?

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It’s interesting to see, or to ask “Who becomes an addict?” For instance, people can have sex without being addicted to it, they can go shopping, but for some people they become severely addicted to either pursuit. A pack of cards can or can’t be addictive, it is depending on the individual. So, it’s the same process no matter what the addiction is. The only difference is that the substance addict is getting the dopamine from an outside source, where the behavior addict is having it triggered from the particular behavior. A behavior becomes an addiction when it brings negative consequences; it impairs their health, endangers their life, and undermines their personal relationships. If it doesn’t do any of these things, we can’t call those people addicts and you can’t call those behaviors addictive. Dr. Gabor Mate an addiction expert said,“If I were to speak to a group of 100 people or 1000 people and asked, 'how many of you have addiction issues to any substance?’ A number of people would put their hands up. Then, what if we asked them, “What did it do for you?” Not what was bad about it because we already know that, but what did it do for you? What was positive in your experience with it? They would respond,“It gave me a sense of peace, it gave me pain relief. It made me feel more connected, it made me more confident. I could speak now and interact with people”(Gabor Mate). What Dr. Gabor is trying to tell us is that the addict is just after wanting to be a normal human being and the real question is, what keeps them from having those qualities in their lives and what happened to them? So the addiction should be seen not as the problem (although it is a problem) but it’s not the problem, it’s the addicts attempt to solve the pro... ... middle of paper ... ...ing a distraction. We live in a culture that is based on, both economically and psychologically, on not supporting people to be with themselves, these days we should either hide it or let it go, so it’s very difficult to deal with addictions in this society. It is a matter of, at some point finding a way of being with your pain so that you can actually get to know what it’s really all about. Addiction is a tool from the mind to hold people in control and make them crave more for that substance. The mind of human beings has become too powerful and dangerous to be out of control. The thing (our minds) that helped our survival the most will be what destroys us if we do not get control of it soon. If you control your mind there would be no cause for addiction. The mind is like a pleasure seeking dream machine that wants to control you, so don’t give it that satisfaction.

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