White Supremacy And Its Impact On Minorities

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It can be stated by many that white supremacy plans a major role in racism in the United States, albeit all over the world. In fact racism against people of color casted by whites cannot happen without white supremacy. However, many may question what white supremacy really is. In his article Christian explains white supremacy and its impact on minorities using an African American paradigm. He is alluring the idea of white supremacy and racism from the standpoint of critical analysis, in hopes that those reading can understand more. He also revels in the idea of white privilege in the education system and how it is entwined with white supremacy and racism all together. In this article, Christian answers four questions, what white supremacy is, how it manifests itself, can people of African descent overcome white supremacy, and if there is hope for a future beyond the confines of white European cultural, political and socioeconomic hegemony. Firstly Christian believes that white supremacy is something that comes with the act of white racism. He states that it doesn’t just associate ...

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