Essay about The White Collar Crimes Are Durable

Essay about The White Collar Crimes Are Durable

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The white collar crime usually forms within corporations and who is head of the organization is someone who has education to run the business. This person with education who commits this crime tends to convince staff that has less education into this type the activity. One of the white-collar crimes is the most common is fraud. White collar crimes are durable because the personals who commit them know how the system works in the business market. It is for this reason that in the case of fraud. Victims often fail to recover what has been stolen by deception. As is the case for the Internet fraud where many people fall; especially when looking for work, there are companies personals deceive those applying for work give information of their personal information and then pay for the application. In the majority in these cases, these companies charge through money order or bank card. People who really want a job fall into this trap. And just realize the scam when passing day and receive no response to your request of work. This secure white-collar crime exists because as we know the people who work behind the internet are faceless. People believe that the technology is an advantage to search work and may perhaps be beneficial. On the other hand is a risk to provide any personal information because finding a company that commits fraud by internet could take long time and it is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Globalization is crucial in white collar crime because as the technology improves a lot. The criminal’s communication is faster and easy when they make the trades. For this reason Globalization is a good tool for making enterprise crimes especially when the criminals do drug trafficking. Because the communication between t...

... middle of paper ...

... pay has failed to pay for the drug.
The leniency there in the legal system when the authorities apply the punishment to white-collar delinquents. It is because in most cases the politicians sell themselves for money in order to have a position within the system. An example of this leniency is possible to see in the political field. It is easier to see this kind of excuse in exercising the punishment those who commit it. When a senator postulated to have a position on the political money to political campaigns it is needed. The economic part is essential to win a political fight. That is why when there is too much money in a political election. Authorities are investigating where the money was provided, and if it is discovered that was donated by corrupt people. That 's why when the criminal sanction is stronger than the economic moral weight when applying the law.

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