White Collar Career : Black Collar Jobs Essay

White Collar Career : Black Collar Jobs Essay

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Although education has become readily available to millions of people in the modern world, many people are still forced to work blue-collar jobs because of their circumstances. While blue-collar jobs may be viewed in society as a “low intelligence”, unskilled labor, it is my belief that such careers require their own form of knowledge and offer an experience that cannot be obtained working white-collar careers. Additionally, those who are capable of working blue-collar jobs may have an easy time finding other careers compared to those educated because their skills are already developed whereas educated people may not have any viable work skills already developed and only retain their academic knowledge which they may or may not be able to convert into work skills. However, even though I may sound biased towards blue-collar career, I still acknowledge those who have the courage and perseverance to work towards a white-collar career path. White-collar careers are difficult and specific in their requirements, but there is just as much thought and skill to be put into blue-collar jobs. In Mike Rose’s Blue Collar Brilliance, he attempts to show the audience how a blue-collar career has its own intelligence and skill through the usage of visuals, examples, and written language.
Throughout Blue Collar Brilliance, Mike Rose details members of his family’s actions, interactions, and thought processes greatly to showcase their skills and intelligence regarding their job. For example, “Rosie took customer’s orders, pencil poised over pad, while fielding questions about the food.” (Rose 3). This quote displays how Rose’s mother, Rosie, approached customers with a “ready-to-serve” attitude as demonstrated by her pen being ready over the pad. ...

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... that blue-collar jobs had skills and intelligence of their own that could match with or quite possibly surpassed the skills and intelligence of white-collar jobs. Additionally, it has been demonstrated that formal education isn’t the only place of learning, but rather blue-collar jobs could serve as a substitute for a learning environment too, sometimes even teaching knowledge which could surpass white-collar intelligence. Additively, through Rose’s paragraph composition, a person could see and feel the amount of labor and thought that went behind each blue-collar worker’s tasks allowing the audience to understand the tediousness of a blue-collar job. As such, it is once again shown that blue-collar careers do not fall behind white-collar careers in terms of skills and intelligence because for each career there is a requirement for different skill sets and knowledge.

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