White Christianity And American Slavery Essay

White Christianity And American Slavery Essay

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White Christianity and American Slavery
Slavery is an economic, legal system where humans are sold and treated as property. The history of slavery spans nearly almost from every culture, religion and nationality from ancient to present days. Slavery in the United States is identified as one of the darkest periods of the human kind where people from the African continent were sold to the white settlers in the United States. Based on research it was evident that the white Christianity supported the establishment and the continuation of slavery in America. This paper is a study of the history on how white Christianity helped and also offered support to American slavery. The paper will discuss how the black community was oppressed and the tools used to support the establishment and continuation of slavery. The research will adopt the use of the book titled “the cross and the lynching tree” written by James Cone.
Slavery in various forms was a common social aspect in the Christianity religion, based on the bible. Slavery started in the time of Genesis where Joseph was sold into slavery by his brother in Egypt. In the early years of Christianity, slavery was also depicted as a normal feature of the society and economy of the Roman Empire. The act of slavery was not only an Old Testament practice, it was practicedd in the ancient cultures such as Egypt, Babylonian, Greek Israelite and Roman. Slavery was an integral part of ancient commerce, religion and taxation .
There are numerous passages in the Bible that are used throughout history as justification for the keeping of slavery and guidance on ways to keep slaves. Many Christians were against any move to abolish the slavery citing that the Bible accepted slavery that is proof that i...

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...en a black person saw a white person, they were required to stop salute and take out their hats in respect to the white person whether a boy or a man. It was hard to cope with life since going or doing something that could imply one to be of equal status with the white can caused one to die. It was common to find a group of boys having fun by torturing a black person .
Throughout the twentieth century, the African American continued to struggle to settle their faith in God’s justice and love with the persistence of black suffering. However, their faith in religion was diminishing since they were taught that God is love and he loved all his children. Then why were the blacks ever humiliated. The black thinkers and secular or religious were influenced by white people who segregated, enslaved and lynched them. The religious leaders did not offer any help the blacks.

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