The White Anglo Saxton Protestants Essay

The White Anglo Saxton Protestants Essay

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Throughout the history of America, we have had a number of immigrant groups come in through three different waves, all bearing different stereotypes. One group, the Germans, were fortunate enough to immigrate to America and we only had positive things to say about them. However, for the rest of the immigrant groups, that was not the case. The White Anglo-Saxton Protestants (WASPs) placed a number of stereotypes on the Irish, Chinese and Ashkenazic Jews with the most prevalent facets including being of an inferior race, violent, and their religious beliefs.
Yet another stereotype that these groups share is the idea that they were violent groups of individuals. Starting with the Irish, this group had a number of ways that WASPs were able to show them as violent. One of the main occupations that Irish men took up during that time was bare-knuckle boxing, which entailed fighting other Irishmen for a source of entertainment to the elite. in order to maintain this sport, many natives would become managers to ensure the Irishmen were able to attend the best fights. The Chinese were also another group who earned the stereotype of being violent from the work they performed. Having been skilled workers with fireworks and explosives, the Chinese were very beneficial to the expansion of the railroad through mountains as well as mining. However, because they were using explosives, the WASPs were able to use this in political cartoons to depict the Chinese as a rather violent group equipped to blow up anything at any time. As a result, we see two different groups viewed by WASPs as violent because of the type of work they took on. In addition to the workplace, the nativists also considered the Irish violent because of the ...

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... upon their faith. The Ashkenazic Jews also held their ceremony in a different language, except they spoke in Hebrew. And instead of a church, the Jewish people held their religious events in a synagogue. This meant they all had to settle together in order to attend one of the select few synagogues built. Moreover, they also had other facets of their faith that natives found strange. The Jewish people were considered orthodox, and many of them followed the Talmud and Torah very strictly. This lead to the Ashkenazic Jews dressing differently than WASPs, and eating different foods, not to mention the fact that their Sabbath Day was a big imposition on the WASP work week. Since the Jewish faith was so different from the Protestant views of the elites, the idea of antisemitism emerged and the Jewish individuals were all forced into this religious stereotype.

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