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Growing up in the Andes of Peru and currently living in the Mid-west, I’ve come to greatly appreciate the benefits of being multicultural. I know that to get the most out a new culture, one has to truly submerge one’s self and that’s exactly what I plan to during my study abroad. I study Biomedical engineering (BME) at Purdue University with the goal of working in the medical devices industry. Over the next Fall 2014 Semester, in the interest of expanding my studies, I will be participating in Denmark’s Technical University (DTU) exchange program. This program is unique because of the specialized BME classes, because it integrates our BME senior design project and because of the opportunities only found in Denmark. Thus, Denmark’s Technical University (DTU) will help me achieve my academic and profession goals and will make me a well-rounded engineer which will further enable me to succeed in improving the health of people and communities.
My academic goals for my time at Purdue are to obtain a Biomedical Engineering degree with a specific focus in medical devices and tissue engineering. Not only this is highly engaging and fascinating but succeeding on this career path has a direct impact on the people’s health and quality of life. A well rounded Biomedical Engineer is able to plan, execute and deliver innovative solution to today’s medical problems such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and brain imbalances, through devices such stents, insulin pumps or brain stimulators. Through a yearlong Co-Op with Eli Lilly’s medical device department, I’ve learned the feasibility and practicality of such devices specifically working with diabetes which is why I want to pursue medical devices as my career focus. A successful engineer, ...

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...nt database, an important factor when conducting clinical trials. The opportunity for interaction with Danish industry is very valuable to me as it could open my horizons.
Thus, studying at DTU meets my academic and professional goals and gives me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge from a different perspective. Due to my previous cultural transition experience, in Denmark I will quickly submerge myself into the culture, adapt and get the most out of this abroad experience. These experiences will help me become a more effective engineer and person because it will strengthen my skillset. I will be able to build on my previous experiences, passion and work ethic. The Whitaker Scholarship would enable me to keep achieving the goals I’ve described and ultimately allow me to give back to the world community through my work or perhaps breakthrough on medical devices.

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