Which Would you Choose: Life or Death? Essay

Which Would you Choose: Life or Death? Essay

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Many women in the United States now-a-days choose abortion over adoption because they are not well educated on the effects of abortion and adoption (Burton). Women think that abortion is better just because their child has a defect or any chance of having an abnormality. But the statistics say that only three percent of all abortions are because of an abnormality or child defect (Heure). Have you ever heard the controversy over abortion and adoption? It is a big topic in the world today.
‘Abortion is when the fetus is taken out of the womb and is not capable of surviving outside of the womb (Coomson).’ This is the definition that many use for the word abortion. Some may simply put it as taking the life of a human being. Just because the fetus may not look like a human it is still one. Even though abortion became legalized in 1973 it does not mean that everyone was ‘ok’ with it (Koch).
‘Adoption is to take and rear as one’s own child, specifically by a formal legal act (“adopt”). Adoption has been accepted in the world for many years. It was mainly accepted in society back in the early and middle 1900’s. This is when having a teen-pregnancy was looked upon as a bad thing. In today’s society teen-pregnancy and having a child when not married is accepted in society (Marshall). Many young girls were sent away when they were younger once their parents found out that they were pregnant. They would have the child without anyone knowing and then they would return back to their life like nothing happened (Marshall).
Even though abortion is looked upon as a bad thing in society some may think that there is a good side to it. One main reason on why a mother may decide to choose abortion is because she is not financially stable. The m...

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