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There are many ways to tell your government or ruler that they are going in the wrong direction, doing something that is wrong, or hurting its people. It doesn’t have to hurt the majority for the cause to be righteous, but if you do something about there is a righteous way to do it. If you do it wrong way it can ruin your entire message and in most cases can result in dire consequences. Many times over we have had leaders a rise that try to lead people against oppressive rulers. The way in which they lead them is what determines how their cause will go. There are two main ways to get a country to look at the issues and fix them. One being like the Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale (leaders of the Black Panthers) approach where they go in with guns blazing and it does not work in modern society; it was the key to getting things done back in the dark ages since there was only one real leader then (monarch). But in today’s society we can go can’t revolt like animals we need to be civilized, just as we deal with children when they act up in the middle of the store. We are forced to try to shut down that act of disobedience because the child is making unwanted attention and disruptions. But when the child is calm and reasonable it is more likely that he will get their way. That is why leaders like Martin Luther king Jr. and Gandhi where more successful with their movements.
The Black Panther Party stood for the self-defense of minorities, but they didn’t approach it the right way. They fought with cops for no good reason most of the time; reasons like a cop was questioning a black person, the cop drove down their block/territory, etc. Even FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover called the Black Panthers “the greatest threat to the internal security...

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...dozen major actions performed by the ELF [Earth Liberation Front] in North America alone resulting in nearly $40 million in damage’” that’s just one group that costs that much money. Violence has been so devastating that the only thing left to do is make treaties or sign documents that should have been done in the first place because we are a civilized country that should no longer have a barbaric culture. For an example of the right format of arguing that you should use when your opponent being the government is not listening to concerns and pleas you have given it is, Martin Luther King’s uses of peace rallies and public speaking. He never told anyone to use violence while the Black Panthers sought out and killed people for their own self justice. Martin Luther touched more lives with peace and encouragement than did the Black Panther with their use of violence.

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