Essay on Which Is Better The Old Or New Testament?

Essay on Which Is Better The Old Or New Testament?

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Which is better the Old or New Testament? What significance does one have over the other? These are questions which are slightly complicated to answer, but they can in fact yield some interesting answers. For instance, the answer to the first question is really more of a preference, one person may enjoy reading the Old Testament because it has more of a historical factual feeling at times, while another person may enjoy the New Testament because it often offers the feeling that one is reading a story. Because of these two different perspectives the answer to the original question will differ, however, there is a more specific answer to the second question. The best way to find this answer is by first understanding a few key things. For instance, understanding what each of these laws consist of is an important in order to give an educated answer, but after answering this question it is possible to then give an educated answer to the question of significance.
To begin, the first place to start is by understanding what the Mosaic Law and the New Testament Law of Christ consist of. After all, if a basic understanding of these two is not established then how can anyone state the significance of one to another? So, first and foremost the Mosaic Law is another word for the Law of Moses, and just as the original name shows, it consists of laws which were given to Moses. These laws consisted of commands such as, “You may not eat the following animals,” (Levi. 11:4 new Living Translation). Or, laws which were connected to specific covenants, for example, being circumcised in order to be considered a Jew (otherwise this person is thrown out of the community), not to mention the laws that were considered ceremonial. These laws were quite ext...

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... from so many of these same laws. The Law of Christ on the other hand is the fulfillment of these old laws and the beginning of new ones (though there is some old added in there too). What is so incredible though is that there cannot be one set of laws without the other because each sets up the other for success, and as Walvoord and Zuck point out in their book, “The Law was not a special talisman that the Jews could obey or ignore as they wished; they were ‘under’ it and accountable to God… The Law points up God’s standards and illustrates people’s inability to live up to them,” (Walvoord & Zuck, 1983). The law was such an important thing to the Jews, so it is no surprise that its fulfillment must have been shocking to many, but God knew that just because the old laws were no longer applicable, it did not mean the people would not still need guidance in their lives.

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