Which Family Is Best for You? Essay

Which Family Is Best for You? Essay

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As Tom DeLay once said, “A woman can take care of the family. It takes a man to provide structure, to provide stability. Not that I'm saying a woman can't provide stability, I'm not saying that...It does take a father though.” In just a few sentences, DeLay simply states the all importance of both a woman’s and a man’s presence in each and every family. The American family has changed drastically over the last 60 years. The traditional nuclear family, composed of a married heterosexual couple, living with their biological children, has become a fad of the past. Adoption, divorce, and remarriage shape and influence the structure of families in today’s 21st century lifestyle. It has been stated that “One out of every four children under eighteen in America is living or will live in a family that has gone through a divorce” (Wagonseller 9). This raises up the question of whether or not a child need both parents. Does a young boy need a father figure around him as he is growing up, or vise versa? What, if any, role do step-parents and step-siblings play in a child’s life? One must understand that properly raising a child relies on the structure of one’s family, as well as on the morals and values that are taught to their child as they learn to mature. Children within a traditional nuclear family are more likely to progress with their emotional, behavioral, and social skills than those who reside in any other family structure.
It has been argued that the only way for children to advance in life is to be raised by both a mother and a father. This statement can hold to be true for a number of reasons. For instance, children raised in the custody of a single parent are more likely to have behavioral issues because they tend to lack econo...

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...ecause of their assistance, I see myself as a prepared individual for the future and ready to face the world of adulthood. I know that I will have struggles and difficulties come my way, but because of my parents and their influences on my life, I know that I am better equipped and set to face any challenge or obstacle that may appear before me throughout time.
Although the incidence of single parent, divorced and multi-generational households is rising, the nuclear family is still a preferred way of many to raise children. All children need guidance and will only become a product of what they are taught from a young age. These children are deeply affected emotionally by the amount of love and compassion that is put into raising them. A traditional nuclear family structure that is one of respect and strong moral values is the most effective for a child’s self growth.

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