The, Which Are Simply Small Pictographs Essay

The, Which Are Simply Small Pictographs Essay

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Emoji’s, which are simply small pictographs, also enable us to convey supposed physical actions or facial expressions in a conversation because they depict expressions that are universally understood (Lewin-Jones, 2015). Their vivid and convenient input traits make such Emoji’s express emotions better than plain text could thereby enhance the efficiency to interact with a range of other people. If we look into the origins of human communication, it was primarily image-based, with primitive cave paintings and hieroglyphics defining how we understood each other. Emoji and stickers work in the same way. They permitted people to share a basic emotional language and understanding with each other by going past the veneer of words to elicit the most basic human responses using written language alone (Lewin-Jones, 2015). This phenomena of substituting words with emoji’s reaches across gender and age (Lewin-Jones, 2015). The creativity of written language on a powerful platform like Facebook opens up the doors of expression building on the universality of written language. A language beyond borders, education and sound. Verbal communication can be considered an evolving art form with its complex layers of vocabularies to skillfully adapt to an audience using a mixture of tone, body language, and presence. Written communication is still restricted to items and emotions that we possess the words for. Facebook has changed our communications by moving emotional expression into the written the sphere. We now write what we would normally say.
In Anne Carson’s book, Autobiography of Red (1998), the main character decides to write his autobiography in series of photographic images instead of the traditional written autobiography (Cobb, 2013, p. 2...

... middle of paper ...

...aphor (Bohm, 1996, pp. 36-40). I propose that that the ellipse previously discussed works in the same way when used on Facebook. Such punctuation can be considered as the “narrative” of a metaphor. It shows where sentences end but does not specifically indicate what meaning. Recipient are instead more empowered to interpret what the author of the Facebook communication means as opposed traditional written communication.
Another topic that deserves mention in this essay is group communication and a unique use of humor as a way that Facebook communication is changing communication in the interpersonal sphere. Lewin-Jones (2015) builds on the idea that Facebook has given us another creative language tool at our disposal. She states that the communicative identities that people have built on Facebook will continue after Facebook’s inevitable decline and replacement with

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