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Where The Naked Ladies Dance Essay examples

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There’s a place in France,
Where the naked ladies dance.
There’s a hole in the wall
Where the men can watch it all. – Children’s Rhyme

Google creates, reinvents and produces various products that have enriched the lives of people across the world. This intrigues other companies and ignites a desire for them to take a peek at Googlers while they are working. Laszlo Bock gives us one of a few opportunities to look into a small hole by writing WORK RULES! Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead.
Bock, Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google, describes methods that the company utilizes to create one of the best work places. I believe Bock effectively demonstrates how Google strives for “efficiency, community and innovation” (p. 261). In this book, Bock is honest with his explanations as he appropriately personifies ideas and implementations that are successful and unsuccessful through personal stories. He states that Google will not always be the number one place to work. This and other statements remind us that work is an environment that can endeavor towards assisting individuals to find self-actualization. Employees know that work is a means for living a life that meets their needs, but rarely do we feel that employers realize and understand the other needs individuals have outside of the work environment. Bock provides practical applications and lists at the end of each chapter to assist readers in implementing some aspects into their work environment.
One suggestion that companies already aspire to provide for their employees is a sense of community. Bock describes the learning institutions that are formed and created by the employees. He lists the varying groups or webinars available...

... middle of paper ...

...me applicants and the extensive time used by current employees. Aside from this one main inapplicable lesson, Bock provides substantial compelling notions that would warrant interested onlookers to read.
Each topic described by Bock is broken down to manageable tasks. Bock sets clear expectations for what he and his team want to achieve at Google. Through effective communication, Bock exemplify how a company can be successful and fulfilling. I would recommend this book for people at any position in their job. Bock suggests that a reader take away one lesson and see how it can change the environment around them. Work does not have to be independent from our lives, but it can be a part of how we enrich our lives. This glimpse into Google helps us see why more than two million people apply to the company and why they want to identify themselves as a Googler afterwards.

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