Where Have All the Guys Gone? Essay

Where Have All the Guys Gone? Essay

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The men in college seem to just disappear as the years go by. According to Patricia M. Anderson, a member of the Department of Economics at Dartmouth College, notes that “Since the early 1970’s, the fraction of college students who are male has dropped from about 56 percent to under 44 percent” (2).The male student enrollment has been slowly decreasing for the past forty years. Today’s young generation has different views and opinions on what is important in their life. Some reasons for men not to enroll into a college or university come from personal reasoning or obligations. There are also opportunities that take them on a different path other than college. Finally, the school requirements have increased over the years making it much more difficult to get accepted into a college.
Personal reasoning can affect many different decisions in a lifetime . Some men may have a different idea of what they want to do after high school that does not involve enrolling and going to college. Following their life long dreams or goals is one of these examples. A man trying to become an established actor will move either to Hollywood or New York, where the majority of the acting industry resides. This would allow the opportunity to go to auditions and try to make a name for himself. Then there is the issue of money. Some men would rather have an income to support themselves or their families as opposed to taking a student loan to pay for college. There is no guarantee after obtaining a college degree that one will find a good paying job to pay back their student loan obligation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics “Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rates for adult men (9.1 percent)” (BLS 1) Families can become a personal...

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...going to college. Whether it’s a personal choice, financial reason, or other obligations this is setting the example for the upcoming younger generation that it is acceptable to not go to college but when looking at the facts and everyday living, enrolling in college can make a grave difference in a person’s life.

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