Where Does One Define A Term As Large As Food? Essay

Where Does One Define A Term As Large As Food? Essay

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Where does one define a term as large as food? Is it the substance that we place within our mouths to sate a basic necessity or a pleasure that one can indulge in given the chance? Well, that’s the glory behind the idea of food. It’s quite frankly an abstraction given physical form. There is no proper way as to define food as it comes and goes in terms of substance throughout one’s life span. Not only is it tied to a lifespan of ever continuing alterations to the definition but it’s also engrained within each and every individual differently. The book covers a few wide topics that correlate directly with this idea and as such will be mentioned throughout the course of this work.
Let’s begin with MY definition of food and how it’s evolved over the course of my life. As far back as I can remember it was the best thing in the world because it filled my belly and calmed my nerves. Much like the cases of almost everyone else who eats it, right? Well, the problem being is that I over-indulged and took in more than my fair share. When I was young, I could eat as much as a full grown man, which in itself is surprising to say the very least. In full honesty, I ate more than a full grown man. It had become a running joke in the family that I was a bottomless pit with an insatiable appetite. Needless to say, my appetite by far exceeded my metabolic rate and I began putting on weight. Suddenly I was incapable of keeping up with my friends in anything athletic and I needed to buy the adult sized clothes. Food had accelerated my aging process, at least mentally, and fast forwarded me years ahead of where I should’ve been in terms of conscientiousness to my figure. In the fourth grade I had started to feel shame for my size as I dwarfed the nex...

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...ubt a value that cannot be abandoned. It’s the only chance that future generations have to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Thus making the information that he provides invaluable to someone like me, someone who went through the grand chain of foodish products and suffered for it.
Food has no definition that fits every single person; it has to be defined by the individual. For me, food has become a point of resentment as I cannot stomach much for multitudes of reasons. But for others who are active and have high metabolisms, they can probably afford to enjoy food more indiscriminately. The sharp contrasts everyone will have on food makes it utterly indefinable in a general sense. Thus, food is just as much a mystery as any philosophical question ever will be as there will never be a consensus as to what to eat to make the person happy and healthy at the same time.

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