Essay about Where Are The Talented Teachers Going?

Essay about Where Are The Talented Teachers Going?

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The following critical analysis was conducted on an article about teacher resilience in urban schools by Yonezawa, Jones & Singer (2011). This author does concur with the authors’ result that a large problem facing education today is the early and frequent loss of new and talented teachers. To elevate this issue administrators need to provide teachers with professional development opportunities to enhance their resiliency and self-efficacy. According to the authors and other research conducted while preparing this critical analysis, teacher retention on average is rather consistent in that the first five years of teaching is when new teachers are most susceptible to leave the profession due to higher paying jobs, frustration with the low status of the learners, generational poverty and low socioeconomic status (SES), (McCann & Johanneson, 2004). This paper will be presented within the following criteria of the central problem, question, or premise; important points made by the author’s; the author’s conclusions or recommendations; the author’s argument, logic and author's perspective or any biases observed within the research. Furthermore, any evidence of educational research and the articles application to education, and finally this author’s conclusion.
Central problem, question, or premise
According to Yonezawa, Jones & Singer (2011), one-third or more of new educators leave their occupation within their first five years of being in the profession. This problem is not just metropolitan schools, but rural schools throughout the United States (Ingersoll, 2001), urban areas and high-need areas (Title I schools) have an attrition rate within the range of 50% of their new teachers leaving earlier than the fi...

... middle of paper ...

... Leadership,
61(7), 74-78.

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opportunities. Urban Education, 46(5) 913-931.

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