Essay on The, Where Am I?

Essay on The, Where Am I?

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I have been given the opportunity to give expert testimony on the philosophical issues that pertain to Dennett in the short story, “Where Am I?”. Dennett believes that he is being controlled by two people, and that he deserves a new body to separate the two distinct entities. NASA denies Dennett’s claim, and is not willing to succumb to Dennett’s demand for a new body. With this issue brought to court, I am here to offer advice to the court on this matter and offer my thoughts on what they should be considering. The current sub issue is whether or not Hubert (the computer algorithm mind controlling Dennett) is morally responsible. I will detail what is needed for Hubert to be considered morally responsible, and then I will try to show why I believe that Hubert can indeed be morally responsible.
For Hubert to be morally responsible, we must show several things. His actions must be classified as actions that are being done intentionally, because intentions are the key to rationality. To be morally responsible, Hubert must be considered a rational being. If Hubert were to be non-rational, then he could not act intentionally, and he therefore could not be held morally responsible. To expand on the concept of rationality, if Hubert is a rational being, then he must also act rationally, as opposed to acting irrational, to be considered morally responsible. Any being acting irrational cannot be held morally responsible. Lapses of rationality are normal occurrences for human beings, and this does not disqualify a person from being morally responsible, unless the lapses of rationality reach a point of being dangerous, such as hurting oneself or others. This is the set of criteria that Hubert needs to meet in order for us to c...

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...or something he had no control over, and this would be preventing Yorick from fully having free will and this situation would not be be fair to him. That is why the only truly fair solution to this problem, is for both Yorick and Hubert to each have their own bodies, so that each of them can be held morally responsible individually for their actions.
In conclusion, I think I have shown that Hubert has been morally and has most likely remained a rational being that is behaving rationally, and is capable of being morally responsible. I also depicted the problems that could arise in terms of punishment for immoral acts caused by Hubert. For these reasons and others that I have previously stated in papers on this matter, I believe that is is essential for a new body to be made available to separate Yorick and Hubert from Dennett, so that each person have their own body.

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