When We Hear The Fitness Education Essay

When We Hear The Fitness Education Essay

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When we hear “fitness education”, the definition is somewhat self-explanatory; it is simply the education of physical fitness. However, there is far more to it than what those words indicate. Physical fitness is something that many Americans lack beginning at a very young age, and it can last their entire life without proper education on out to be healthy, active, and in an overall positive state of well-being. It is our goal as future educators, however, to make sure that our students acknowledge and understand the lifelong benefits of being physically fit.
One of the most common contributors to overweightness and obesity is lack of physical activity. One fact I learned during my research that was astonishing was the fact that eating trends have shown almost no difference in children’s diets in the last twenty-five years. That was shocking to me given the fact that the rate of obesity has risen so much higher in that time. The reason why, however, is because children nowadays spend an average of over seven and a half hours per day on some sort of screen. (iPhone, computer, etc.) Twenty-five years ago, that type of technology did not yet exist, and therefore children would go outside and play in the yard or do something physically demanding instead of sit in front of a screen. Of course, that is not to suggest that we should not watch what we are eating, but it certainly does indicate what a difference it makes when children are staring at their phones instead of running around outside. And when they do decide to engage in physical activity at a young age, they are more likely to live healthy lives in the future.
Studies have shown that between seventy and eighty percent of children who are overweight or obese will continue to ha...

... middle of paper ...

...ell them that they cannot eat something. And when that day comes, they often have what they want to eat available to them, and they end up eating way too much of it. It is essential that we educate our students properly about diet and fitness, because telling a child they can never eat junk food again is simply unrealistic, and they will not adhere to that type of instruction.
In conclusion, fitness education is a very important aspect of our goal to make America a healthier country overall. There is a lot to it, but we must keep in mind that it entails very measurable standards determining if people are physically fit. This will not only help people acknowledge their own level of personal fitness, but it also helps us as educators know what approach to take to improve their health. The first step to solving any problem is knowing what the problem is.


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