When the Mountains Burned Red: The Big Blowup Essay

When the Mountains Burned Red: The Big Blowup Essay

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Think about the things you love and care about. Your home, your family, your photographs that keep the memories you hold dearly, even the things you say you hate now but know you would miss if they were gone. Like the ugly photo your wife insists stays up but you deal with it because you know she loves it. Imagine all these things being taken away without your consent, while you just watch helplessly as your memories just disappear. Sadly enough, this was the reality for several families living in the North-west at the time of the 1910 fires. Some watched as the fires consumed their homes, while others came back to nothingness. This was a devastating time for everyone in the North-west and it caused a lot of controversy within the forest service about how to deal with the fires and it still influences protocol for forest service members and firefighters today.
The first recorded fire of 1910 was on April 29 in the Blackfeet National Forest ("The 1910 Fires."). However, the beginning fires weren’t at all what made this string of infernos memorable. These noteworthy fires were caused by a string of unfortunate events. An extremely dry hot year with snows melting early, streams disappearing, and rivers turning into trickles of water by August was one of the main reason for the almost 3,000 fires (Petersen). The human race prefers to point fingers though, so many people accused different individuals and groups for the fires.
Some blamed an electrical storm in July, others blamed accidental fires on campers, homesteaders and loggers, and a few blamed arsonists. What seemed to be the main cause though, was the new Chicago, Milwaukee and Puget Sound Railway. The railway ran through the then, dry, dense, forest and hot coals would burs...

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... what it protects and destroys, and what would happen if they were taken out of the equation. Although it was a devastating event, we should be thankful for the outcome of the big burn. It was the prerequisite to the beautiful North-west today.

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