When The Hurt Runs Deep By Kay Arthur Essay

When The Hurt Runs Deep By Kay Arthur Essay

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Before I began reading for this project I asked myself. What do I want to take away from it, and why? To be honest, at first, I didn’t know what I wanted from reading the book When the Hurt Runs Deep by Kay Arthur. After opening myself up to the truth I realized deep within me I sought answers to my life. My heart longed to know the reason behind why certain things occur but an even greater question arose out of my inner thoughts and up to the surface: Have I truly moved past all the hurt that runs deep?
I spent a minimum of half an hour in full pondering about having to choose a book. Not only a book, but the right book. I wanted to take this project as an opportunity to learn something new by reading literature I would enjoy. I did not want to spend hours wasting my time staring at a page because of the lack of interest in the topic. No, I wanted to be careful with what I chose to read. Quickly, as I sat in the comfort of an open but empty space, I began to pray asking God for direction and a sense of much needed focus. Soon after I began scrolling through the list of books suitable for this project my eyes caught sight of the title When the Hurt Runs Deep. I kept scrolling because I wanted to continue on looking at the rest of the options, but my heart had set on the book by Kay Arthur. The title was interesting, the summary convinced me, and I had the desire to read it. This is it, God has led me to the book I am to read.
In my opinion from, reading her work, Kay Arthur genuinely pours out her heart into every word she has written. She begins the first chapter by listing various examples that many human beings tend to face in life. The instances mentioned ranged from being fired from a job to receiving news that the new born...

... middle of paper ...

... it time and time again inside and outside of “church”. My goal is not to misappropriate the message within the book nor question scripture but instead a better understanding on this subject that can only come from questioning it all.
Perhaps I have missed the purpose for this essay, but nonetheless I have learned. I’ve learned there is never a time where reflecting on God and his purpose for all life is impossible. Though I have been left with far more questioning than before I began reading I don’t regret it. I’ve come to see this as a reflection on character experience and a calling to spend more time with Him. Simple or as complex as it may be the truth remains in scripture. I have come to the conclusion that simplicity can sometimes be the hardest thing to understand. God is God and he is who he is, a healer, a savior, and a Father who knows what is best.

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