Essay When Terror Struck

Essay When Terror Struck

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When Terror Struck

Imagine living in country where people who do not even know you already despise you.
Imagine people not seeing you as a human being, but as a creature. Imagine being treated or
thought of as dirt, and always having people tell you are worthless. During World War II the
Jewish community was isolated from the rest of the world, because Hitler had represented the
Jews as a threat to the collective health of the German nation. Even though the German army
targeted other groups, such as the disabled, gypsies, and slaves, they placed Jews in a special
category. Jews were considered a disease, and an alien, and therefore they had to be separated
from the rest of the German people. Fischel the author of The Holocaust wrote about Jews being
portrayed as creatures. He stated, “Goebbels assigned Fritz Hipper to produce the
1940 motion picture The External Jew, a film of hate that invited its audience to compare Jews
with rats attacking the nation’s food supply (Fischel.15,16).” This hatred towards the Jews
eventually started, the holocaust. The Holocaust was the time period where being considered
different, and being a Jew was going to get you killed. Jews and many other ethnic groups were
put in concentration camps, where they were either criminated the first day, or put into labor
camps where the health conditions in those camps killed many. The holocaust lasted long enough
to where millions of people were killed. The holocaust is the time period where people still till
this day are utterly shocked that this lasted for so long. The question that many have is why
people did not try to stop the killing and torturing of the Jews, and why did the...

... middle of paper ... liberated the Dachau concentration camp in April 1945, they found
fifty unloaded boxcars, which had been left on a siding by the German guards when they fled.
They had been standing there for several days (Goffred).”
After the holocaust, questions rose as to whether more could have been done to prevent
the murder of six million Jews. The answer to that question is yes. Countries could have
stepped up, before it got out of control. When Jews tried to get out of Germany; many countries
denied their access to get into their countries. Man’s inhumanity to man means people doing
inhumane acts. The people who were silent threw the holocaust and did not budge to speak up
are inhumane, the ones who watch it happened are inhumane, and the ones who brutally killed
those people are inhumane. All those people fit the words of man’s inhumanity to man.

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