Essay on When Should Sex Eduacation Be Taught?

Essay on When Should Sex Eduacation Be Taught?

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Sex is a word that means many different things to people across America and even the world. The word sex also initiates a series of questions. One of the major questions about sex that does arise is, should sex education be taught to children at a very young age? The answer to this conflicting question is yes. If schools taught sex to children starting at the age of seven, it could highly change the way that sex is having a negative impact on our world. Kids need to know that having sex is wrong. If kids were more aware, it could reduce the number of teens getting pregnant in modern age. It would create more teens and adults with better morals. If children knew more about the dangers of sex at a younger age, it could improve society in a positive way.
Sex targets a large group of young people and usually starts being put into action with teenagers. 20 percent of teenagers admit that they would still have sex, even if contraceptives were no longer made available to them. (pregnantteenhelp) Some schools teach abstinence only programs. An example of this is Bristol Palin, the daughter of Alaskan governor and the 2008 Republican vice-presidential candidate. Bristol recently went through her own teenage pregnancy. (pregnantteenhelp) Bristol was put through an abstinence only program, and she stated that the programs were limited in their effectiveness at preventing teen pregnancy. (pregnantteenhelp) Other than that only one-third of adults surveyed support abstinence-only educations, while half oppose the abstinence only approach. (guttmacher) That is why the United States needs to address this problem at a younger age and use a more effective method.
In new 2010 Government curriculum children will now be being taught se...

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...ed sex education. America needs to find

the most effective and enforce it in this nation. The goal of sex education is to steer
children clear from making bad choices in life. Everyone can do their part in making this happen. Temptation is out there, and kids are going to want to have sex. By teaching them the dangers of sex starting at the age of seven, they can get on a better track. Those teens will be much stronger people because of it. Teens need to be sexually responsible people. That goal can and will be obtained if there is a stung and effective method of sex education. Sex education needs to be made accessible to kids. There is a fine line between love and lust that kids need to know about. Sexuality is a very real part of life for teenagers. Ignoring it, and trying to get teens to ignore it, is likely to be a losing battle. (guttmacher)

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