When Reflecting On The Past Semester Of English 2328 Essay

When Reflecting On The Past Semester Of English 2328 Essay

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When reflecting on the past semester of English 2328, there are several lessons I feel I have learned which have contributed to the development of my intellect. Throughout this semester, I have repeatedly encountered various lessons that I feel have the potential to advance academically, personally and professionally. I attribute the lessons I have learned to the nature of the assignments and the method of teaching used in this class. To clarify, I feel that I have broadened my knowledge, learned the importance of my personal responsibilities, and learned to interpret differing opinions. Combined, I have recognized that this class has helped me grow, not only as a student, but as an individual as well.
During the time that I have been enrolled in this course, I have reviewed and completed many assignments over several different topics. Of these topics, I have found many that strike my interest, all of which I have enjoyed. There is, however, one topic that I have developed an intense interest in: Slavery in America. Throughout the duration of this course, we have explored many different literary works from this particular period. Slaves, or those fortunate enough to be considered “free blacks” authored the majority of the literary works we have observed. Due to this fact, the information that I have discovered in relation to the subject of slavery has been shocking, scandalous, and incredibly interesting. I feel that the first-hand (fictional or non-fictional) accounts of slaves in early America that we have researched and learned about have been extremely beneficial to my interests. In addition to a few of the personal experiences of slaves, I have also learned about the attitudes of non-African American individuals. I feel that...

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...ognized that, above the expansion of my intellect through the reading of American literary works, I have gained different prospective about my experiences in life and in school. I can recognize this change in prospective through my cross references between events and situations as I know them, versus the differing viewpoints of authors that we have investigated throughout this course. I recognize that these changes have the ability to help me to grow and mature over time as a student, an individual, and a member of society. As a developing intellectual, I am pleased to say that English 2328 has influenced my current and future academic, professional and personal paths by maturing my intellect and quality of work. This course has impacted my future by providing me with a firm literary and educational foundation upon which to build the remainder of my academic profile.

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