When Gangs Infiltrate our Armed Forces Essay

When Gangs Infiltrate our Armed Forces Essay

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Throughout the world there are groups that are known for their deviant behavior. These delinquent groups at times become a major threat due t their actions. In the United States they are called gangs. As they are continuously putting the safety of our communities in danger, what can be done when they infiltrate our Armed Force? Stopping gang members and their affiliates from joining the military must become a top priority. And even more importantly, they must be weeded out of the military.
Generally, gangs are seen to be in urban areas. Lately there has been an influx of gang culture spreading into suburban areas. One reason that can be seen for this is the media. Violent lifestyles are glamorized in TV and the music that is listened to. Due to the image of “toughness” many people wish to emulate what they are exposed to.
In lower class areas this is not only prevalent; it is everyday life to many individuals. They learn from an early age that might always will make things right. This is seen in actions committed against others. Violence is the form of action that is almost always taken against others for varied reasons. The reason lead to shootings, beatings, armed robberies, etc.
The drug trade is also lucrative to gang members. Distribution of narcotics is the main source of their money. The illegal substances are cheap to make. But result in high profit margins. Given the demand of their products, the gang members can be financially safe. But, their high amount of money can be dangerous since other gangs may wish to take over the area the products are distributed in. This has been known to lead to bloodshed, and the death of innocent people who happened to be in the wrong place at the worst time possible.
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...ter the communities they are placed in. The military should begin to follow suit. Yes, fixing gang problems is not so easy. But over time the obstacles that would be in the way could be overcome. Maybe there just needs to be more incentive to resolve the issue since the current things happening do not appear to be forcing the hand of the government or the military. As a result the lives of innocents can be wrongfully endangered.
Like many problems, fixing gangs is into simple. But with effort from the ones w=in authority, this issue can be remedied. And gangs in the military branches can also be weeded out of the ranks, so that they no longer pose as an issue to the government; but they also need to have a way to be rehabilitated so they will also not be a danger to the citizens of the country. When this is accomplished the future may not seems o bleak and dim.

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