When Do Students Have The Right To Drop Out of School?- Drop Out Age Should be 18 or Older

When Do Students Have The Right To Drop Out of School?- Drop Out Age Should be 18 or Older

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Most teenagers if asked will say that they hate school. Some of them hate school so much-- that they are willing to do without it for good. This poses the question: “When should a student have the right to drop out of school?” Is there such a thing, as being too young to drop out of school? I think so. Although I believe that someone who is sixteen is old enough to drive and have a job (which are two big responsibilities) is somewhat responsible, they still are not old enough to make a decision that will impact the rest of their life (for better or for worse).
Students should not be able to drop out of school at any age; no matter how responsible they may be. If most eighteen year olds do not know where they want to go to college or what their major is going to be, then what about the students who are considerably younger; not just by three years, but five or more. If eighteen year olds have trouble making good decisions, than what makes people think that younger students are smart enough, and responsible enough to make a decision such as: dropping out of high school all on their own. Back when I was in high school, I would see some of my fellow classmates, particularly the younger ones, talk about making decisions for the smallest things. In particular, it would be about changing a class, because they did not like the teacher or because they wanted to be with their friends in another class. Well, if it took them mere seconds to make a decision that quick--- on something as simple as a class change, and then afterwards they regretted it; I can only imagine how much they would regret dropping out of school. With the economy now a days, if people without an education are going back to school in order to find work, then those who are sixteen or younger-- are never going to survive without an education. Younger students are known to make hasty decisions, therefore it is in their best interest that they wait until they are older to make life changing decisions, and let the government choose for them--- the age that’s appropriate for dropping out.
The appropriate age to start dropping out of school would be eighteen years old or older. Eighteen year olds, I believe are at some level capable of making such a decision as whether they want to continue with school or not.

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They are old enough to drive, work, vote, and go to war, therefore, they have some decent amount of experience in decision making, and are responsible enough to make such a life altering decision. As opposed to younger teens who aren’t sure of what they want, and haven’t yet experienced any major decision making responsibilities. By the time a student has reached the age of eighteen-- they have made big decisions such as: the college they are going to attend (assuming one goes to college), what career they plan on doing, where they are going to live, and if they will live by themselves. They have learned how to survive on their own by this time and past the age of eighteen.
If anything, the drop out age should stay at eighteen, and if in certain states it is not at eighteen, it should be raised to eighteen. Students should not have the right to drop out of school at any age, there is certainly such a thing as being too young to drop out. Eighteen is the ripe old age, where students have learned a sense of good decision making, are mature and trustworthy enough to make the right decisions for themselves.
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