When Blacks Claim Their Rights Essay

When Blacks Claim Their Rights Essay

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After World War II there was an excess amount of prejudice against the African Americans in the United States. This period of time was termed the Civil Rights Era. It was defined by Jack Davis as “a mass popular movement to secure for African Americans equal access to and opportunities for the basic privileges and rights of U.S. citizenship.” This Era was focused on the acquiring of the basic rights that were set up for the white citizens-,like education and voting rights-,for the African American citizens that did not have them. Doing this was no easy task, as the people would have to preformperform numerous protests, petitions, boycotts, negotiations, and other legal means over many years to accomplish their goal of gaining equality in America, and to make the Civil Rights Era a M ovement toward a better and more equal United States.
Before and during the Civil Rights Era the African American population was considered as a second class of citizens in most of the nation (“The Civil Rights Era”). They were treated poorer and were not allowed much integration with the white populace. Most African Americans were confined to labor work and were not allowed basic rights like education, and voting rights. Schools were segregated so that black people could not attend most schools that white children went to and the ones that were for the African American were less prestigious to say the least. Being unable to vote for anything put them into an even worse situation as this caused them to become even less likely to get rights as they were unable to vote to get them. All of their hopes really fell onto others decisions because they could not do much on their own. Attempts of the African Americans to implement voting rights was often m...

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...f the nation. The combination of this plus many other factors in the whole concoction of events and people in the Civil Rights Era helped to make the United states become a more equal land and one more free for all people instead of those that were just born a certain color or gender.

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