When A Father 's Love Has No Limits Essay

When A Father 's Love Has No Limits Essay

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When A Father’s Love Has No Limits

“The Father” by Carolyn Osborn is a story about Darwin and Casey, a couple who meet and begin a whirlwind love affair. This love affair leads to an unexpected pregnancy. Casey, the mother, leaves when the baby is just one month old only to return when the child is three years old. Soon, Darwin is caught in a court battle for custody of a son. Two days before the court date, Darwin discovers he is not the biological father of the child. This makes no difference to Darwin as he has loved and cared for the child since he was born. The central idea of this story is that sometimes the best parent isn’t always the biological parent.
In this story Casey, the biological mother, leaves her one month old baby Davy, with his grandmother one day and never returns. During her absence, Darwin takes care of little Davy. Darwin has never had a child and while he has his mother to help with care in the daytime while he is working, Darwin assumes the role of a single father. Darwin knows he is solely responsible for Davy and does the very best he can. After three years pass, Casey comes back and wants to have Davy back. Rightfully so, Darwin refuses to just give in and Darwin and Casey are forced to go to court. During the preparations for the court date, Darwin’s attorney discovers that Darwin is not the biological father of Davy. While he is shocked, this doesn 't change the way Darwin feels about Davy and he continues with the court case. In the end, the judge sees that Darwin is a devoted father to little Davy and he retains primary custody of Davy.
Darwin is, of course, the protagonist in this story. Darwin is an easy-going, hardworking, responsible guy. He recognizes what needs to be don...

... middle of paper ...

...lousy and spitefulness in the first paragraph and a hint of paranoia in the second paragraph. The author choosing to write the story in the third person limited point of view changes that. Having these thoughts from a third person point of view simply changes them to thoughts anyone in this situation would have. It makes the thoughts seem less personal and instead makes them merely a thought process that any normal person might experience. The thoughts don’t reflect poorly on Darwin. We just recognize that he is a dad suffering the shock of discovering he is not the biological father of the child he has been raising all alone. This discovery doesn’t change how he feels about his son. This only further proves the central idea of the story and makes the reader more confident and happy about the judge’s ruling allowing Darwin to maintain primary custody of Davy.

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