Whe Depressed People Age Faster than Other People Essays

Whe Depressed People Age Faster than Other People Essays

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It is, indeed, true that depression is one factor that contributes towards a human being’s accelerated biological aging process. Recent research has undoubtedly proven that persons have suffering from a major depressive order (MDD) have a higher chance of experiencing accelerated aging, and some chronic diseases. A major depressive disorder has big an effect on aging especially on the lengths of cell structures which are named telomeres. Telomeres are shorter in people that have suffered depression and shorter telomeres associated with an increased risk of developing many chronic diseases. This research will provide some information to explain process of accelerated aging among depressed person and how to reverse and overcome of depression effects in people with depression. Also, this paper will give some advice of health and lifestyle changing is it good for increase to activity of telomeres and living well.
Therefore, to live a long fruitful life it is of great importance for us to avoid depression at all costs. The process of accelerated aging among depressed persons is discussed in great detail below.
Why depressed people age faster than other people?
To understand the reason why depressed people age faster than other people let us familiarize ourselves with what really makes a person grow older as years fly by. The cells of an individual are responsible for the aging process. In a recent research conducted on 1900 people who at one time had suffered from one of the many major depressive disorders and 500 people who never had depression in their lives before, researchers were able to come up with accurate data to help people in understanding why depressed people tend to age faster than their counterparts. All other factors...

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...r us to eliminate depression in our lives and live long happy lives as God intended.

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