What's the Big Deal About Stem Cell Research? Essay

What's the Big Deal About Stem Cell Research? Essay

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What's the Big Deal About Stem Cell Research?

I believe that one day stem cell research will be more accepted than it is now and will make a positive impact on the way health care treats it patients. Stem cell research has the possibility of one day curing a variety of diseases and illness that are incurable at this point. Currently stem cell research is used in a variety of therapeutic cloning and other treatment methods.
Therapeutic cloning is a method to produce stem cell lines that are genetic matches for adults and children. Stem cells can be used to generate an organ or tissue that is a genetic match to the skin cell donor. This medical procedure can potentially cure patients with spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and heart disease. Scientists see great value in the use of embryonic stem cell research to help understand human growth and development, and to understand growth and treatment for diseases.
I have found in some of my research that some of the problems that have risen are the issue of funding and ethics. These two issues can bring heavy delays in the research. The controversy comes into play regarding embryonic cells, which are the 3rd source for stem cells. The cells are extracted from an embryo before the cells begin to split. The controversy is so big surrounding this type of extraction because ultimately the embryo is destroyed in the process. This procedure doesn’t sit well with some people because a human life has been destroyed which can closely be viewed as murder. Also, stem cells, overtime, have developed anomalies that create cancer cells so some believe the research to be useless.
This type of procedure brings a str...

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...articulated before research can go any further. Understanding all aspects of stem cell replication, and understanding immune system rejection are two steps that need to be overcome before research can go any further. Once ethical and scientific circumstances are balanced stem cell research will be a positive step forward in the health industry.

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