Essay on What´s Myocardites?

Essay on What´s Myocardites?

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Introduction: The myocardites are classified as inflammatory diseases that affect the heart with variable clinical manifestations, and it has been suggested that various inflammatory variants are responsible for this condition 1,2 .Some studies report that 10% to 30%of heart failures are due to cardiac inflammation, and viral infection3,4 .Present of inflammatory diseases, and genetic proneness have been reported to be contributory factors5-7.Accurate diagnosis of myocarditis is a challenge as it necessitates multiple biopsies8-11.Transcriptomics investigation is considered as an extremely useful tool for accurate diagnosis of complex pathological conditions12.Bettina and her colleagues pointed out that microarray is a valuable tool to diagnose myocarditis based on a single biopsy as it renders differentially expressed genes13.

Microarrays provide a way to investigate known and unknown DNA or RNA samples based on hybridization to known probes on the microarray14,15 .There are several classes of microarrays including cDNA arrays and oligonucleotide arrays. Microarrays are a powerful research tool that have enhanced studies of cardiovascular disease 16 .This technology allows the investigation of changes in gene expression between two or more groups 17 .Levels of expressed genes from healthy samples are compared to levels of expressed genes from infected samples. Microarrays can also be used for gene discovery, disease prognosis and diagnosis 15 , and drug discovery 18 .By understanding how gene expression changes, we can better understand the progression of a given disease 19,20 .Affymetrix microarrays is a valuable technique as it compares gene expression between two different tissues, including disease and sham/control which us...

... middle of paper ... development before and after contracting the disease.In addition, this study did not look at the protein alterations between two groups and also protein-protein interactions which are very important in understanding the disease33 .Microarrays themselves have limitations. In general, if a mutation happens in a sequence, probes for that sequence may not recognize it. Cross hybridization among similar genes is another limitation of microarrays. In microarrays we are limited to interrogating the genes that are on the chip, and genes are difficult to detect and accurately quantify. RNA-Seq would be a better method due to being sensitive to small changes in gene expression and we are not limited to what is available on the chip. Finally, qPCR is an accurate method to validate those genes that we found that were significantly differentially regulated between samples.

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