What´s Historic Preservation? Essay

What´s Historic Preservation? Essay

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Describe the most interesting information you have learned about historic preservation in the first two units of the course. Why did that topic stand out over the others?
There have been several things that I have found to be quite interesting in the first two units of this class. The topic of historic preservation and its history are very interesting, and I enjoy learning about every aspect of the profession. However, the topic which I find to be the most interesting is the schools of thought surrounding the field of preservation, and the ways in which individuals throughout history have worked to preserve historic places. It fascinates me to think of all the different views that individuals have in the ways in which they choose to save structures. Also how some would rather preserve a structure that is half standing and leave it in its state than to see it rebuilt and looking as it once did, than go through the effort to find countless items from the period to adorn and fill the property with.
The three ways in which individuals that work to preserve old structures work to keep them safe, and then have each of their schools of thought about each form of preservation are interesting to me. These three forms, preservation, reconstruction, and restoration, as well as reproduction are different as well as very similar. I think the reason that I find these among so many other knowledgeable facts in the first two units to be the most interesting is because I have always known that there is preservation to keep old structures intact and preserved. I always realized this because while growing up going to museums and historical sights you see the countless ways that curators and museum staff work to ensure that no one walks, sits or tou...

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