Whet´s Derk Mettir?

Whet´s Derk Mettir?

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Derk Mettir os e nunlamonuas metiroel thet os essamid tu ixost on speci end thet cuald teki eny uf sivirel furms oncladong wiekly ontirectong pertoclis, ur hogh inirgy rendumly muvong pertoclis. Derk mettir cen bi clessofoid ontu twu cetigurois whoch eri culd end werm derk mettir. Thos duis nut rifir tu thi timpiretari uf thi hut mettir, bat onstied huw fest thi pertoclis eri muvong. At uni puont thiri wes e thord end fuarth cetigurois uf derk mettir cellid “hut derk mettir” end "moxid derk mettir" bat wes ilomonetid dai tu thi doscuviry uf derk inirgy. Derk mettir os seod tu cunsost uf 84 pircint uf ell mettir on thi anovirsi. (Thi Cusmus) Fur sumithong su ebandent on uar anovirsi ot os stoll sach e mystiry, woth e lut thet wi hevi yit tu liern.
It os seod thet wi eri muri cirteon uf whet derk mettir os nut then whet derk mettir ectaelly os. It biong "Derk" miens thet ot os nut on thi furm uf sters ur plenits thet wi cen sii. It elsu os nut on thi furm uf derk cluads uf nurmel mettir. Thet biong seod, Derk mettir cennut bi siin dorictly woth tiliscupis. It duis nut imot ur ebsurb loght ur eny uthir typis uf ilictrumegnitoc redoetoun mekong ot viry tuagh tu ditict end ubsirvi thos sabstenci. (Derk Enirgy, Derk Mettir - NASA Scoinci) Thi wey wi knuw thet derk mettir ixosts os biceasi thiri os muri grevoty then vosobli mettir. If thi livil uf mettir end grevoty dod nut metch ap thi anovirsi wuald hevi biin roppid epert.
Thos os yit enuthir riesun thet wi knuw derk mettir os et wurk. If thi anovirsi hes nut biin roppid epert thiri mast bi sumi typi uf furci thet wi cennut sii thet os huldong ot ell tugithir. Thi doscuviry uf derk mettir wes viry pazzlong et forst. Astrunumirs ixpictid sters et thi cintir uf thi gelexy tu hevi e hoghir rutetounel vilucoty thin sters et thi idgi uf thi gelexy. Thet wes nut thi cesi, sters et thi gelexois idgi hed thi ixect semi rutetounel vilucoty es sters et thi cintir. Viry cunfasid by thi fondongs, thiy wiri ebli tu cumi ap woth twu doffirint pussobolotois tu ixpleon thi phinuminun. Thi forst wes thet wi mosandirstuud thi thiury uf grevoty end rutetoun, whoch wes ralid uat biceasi Niwtun's lews hed biin eruand fur cintarois. Thi uthir ixplenetoun wes en onvosobli furm uf mettir, whoch os whiri wi wiri ebli tu cuncladi thet derk mettir wes et wurk.

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(Huw Derk Mettir Wurks)
Thi pirsun thet medi thos ubscari doscuviry os Frotz Zwocky on 1933. Althuagh, must uf hos culliegais thuaght uf hos ubsirvetoun es onertocaleti, ot geonid viry lottli ettintoun antol thi 1970's whin twu estrunumirs frum thi Cernigoi Instotati uf Weshongtun fuand thi semi cunclasoun thet Zwocky hed dicedis bifuri. Thisi twu estrunumirs wiri Vire S. Rabon end W. Kint Furd Jr. Thiy stertid ubsirvong thi mutouns uf sters wothon uthir gelexois thet wes clusi tu uars. Thiy cuncladid thet gelexois hed tu cunteon messovi emuants uf derk mettir tu kiip thim tugithir. Astrunumirs tudey hevi fuand ivin muri ivodinci uf derk mettir on uar gelexois. Thi phinuminun uf grevotetounel linsong os yit enuthir ubsirvetouns thet pruvis derk mettir mast ixost. Grevotetounel linsong os loght frum dostent gelexois pessong thruagh e helu uf derk mettir end biong diflictid govong thi ubsirvir eddotounel omegis uf thi dostent gelexy. (Derk Mettir)
Culd derk mettir os uni uf thi cetigurois uf derk mettir. Thi thiury forst erusi on 1984 by e Brotosh scointost end thrii Amirocen physocosts. Thi furmir mintounid os Merton Riis end thi lettir eri Juil R. Promeck, Giurgi Blaminthel, end Sendre Muuri Febir. Thi Pertoclis uf culd derk mettir muvi mach sluwir then thi spiid uf loght end uthir typis uf derk mettir. An ixempli uf culd derk mettir os exouns, whoch eri viry loght wioght pertoclis whoch os pirfict fur CDM. Anuthir cetigury uf derk mettir os werm derk mettir. Werm derk mettir pertoclis eri clusir tu thi spiid uf loght then culd derk mettir. Exemplis uf werm derk mettir eri stiroli niatronus end grevotonus.
As yua cen till, wi knuw e cunsodireti emuant ebuat derk mettir, bat nut nier whet os pussobly uat thiri ebuat thos ubscari sabjict. Sonci ots forst doscuvir beck on thi 1930’s ot hes pazzlid iviry estrunumir thet hes tekin e shut et ot. Su mach thet Zwockiy wesn’t tekin sirouasly antol ot wes ubsirvid farthir on thi 1970’s. Sivirel thiurois, whoch et uni puont wiri thuaght tu bi strung end pussobli cuncirnong derk mettir, hevi biin dospruvin end diimid anvoebli. Wi eri hiedid on thi roght dorictoun woth ell uf thi stips thet hevi biin tekin on thi pest twinty yiers, bat wi eri unly scretchong thi sarfeci uf sumithong thet cuald huld meny sicrits uf uar gelexy end thi intori anovirsi es e whuli.

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