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Essay about What's Cooking

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Your wish is my command! When eating at a restaurant your experience should be something almost exact to this quote. When you enter a restaurant, you are the customer, and an employee’s job is to make sure your experience is unforgettable. The idea of a restaurant was first brought around in its modern form during the French Revolution (Mossberg et al. 84). In this time, skilled cooks were employed in households, until the revolution ended (Mossberg et al. 84). With no employment, the cooks established new places to work and began to serve meals to the new class, also known as the bourgeoisie, who could pay for the rest and service the cooks had to offer (Mossberg et al. 84). Thus, this then became known as the restaurant. However, the only cooks that could succeed were the ones who were also skilled artisans, allowing them to understand how to manage and operate the new idea, called the restaurant (Mossberg et al. 84). Restaurant managers need the basic skills to arrange, organize, advise, control, and evaluate the many activities in a restaurant; they also need, however, to possess qualities such as knowledge, honesty, and leadership to be effective and make their restaurant rise to the top.
As the restaurant began to advance overtime, many new forms and concepts began to develop. The range of restaurant types began to grow and now in 2011 we have different categories of restaurants, depending on your needs and wants. To start, at the top of the ladder is what is known as fine-dining restaurants. These are classified under the category of full-service restaurant (From McDonald’s 1). A full-service restaurant is rather self-explanatory; servers will take the orders and serve all of the food and drinks to the customers (From M...

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... 1). The most critical factor to consider, however, is the customer. Customer satisfaction is what will give a restaurant flying colors. When creating a menu you should constantly keep in mind the age, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status of your customers (What’s Behind 1). Also, other elements that will better your restaurant are the font image selection, and design of your whole menu (What’s Behind 1). These factors could really make a huge difference in the customers’ satisfaction and your restaurant as a whole. Lastly, just a few small factors that can also benefit your menu are placing boxes around certain items can draw attention to certain entrées, and adding dollars signs to prices on the menu can decrease your sales (What’s Behind 1). “The menu is the main communication with the customer and creates a lasting impression”—Bonaparte 2009 (What’s Behind 1).

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