What´s Academic Intergrity Policy? Essay

What´s Academic Intergrity Policy? Essay

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Academic Integrity Policy

The idea of academic integrity is based on the commitment to foster a professional and ethical environment based on guiding principles that require a student to produce honest, hard work. It is essential to the success of a university's and institution’s education and research missions, and violations of such policies constitute serious offenses not only with the perpetrator, but also with the entire community.
The principles of academic integrity require that s student must properly acknowledge and cite any of the ideas, results or words of others that are not his/her original property, as well as all contributors to a given piece of work. All work produced and submitted for grading or presentation must also be done without the help of others or from materials not mentioned or approved of. All data used in such works must also be obtained by ethical means and reported accurately without leaving out parts due to bias or personal conflict with interpretation or conclusions. An individual shall not interfere with the work of other students and shall treat them with respect and honor their right to pursue their education goals.
By adhering to such policies, everyone is given the proper and needed credit for his/her work and other scholarly achievements. Each student is also treated and graded fairly and no individual student has an advantage that others do not have. With these policies, academic and ethical development of all students is upheld and the reputation of the University for its Integrity in teaching, research and scholarship is ensured.
Overall the University administration, staff, faculty and students are all responsible to uphold these policies and commit to making sure that these ...

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...actions resembling any type of criminal activity such as forgery or stealing; having another person take an examination for someone else; fabricating evidence or falsifying data, or quoting directly or paraphrasing without citing the source or simply using the ideas of someone else in a thesis or dissertation and claiming them as one’s own; sabotaging another student’s work to prevent them from completing an assignemtn; and/or any willful violations of a canon of the ethical code of the profession for which a graduate student is preparing. The penalty for a level four infraction or a repeat infraction at level three is for permanent expulsion from the University. A notation of academic disciplinary separation will remain permanently on the student’s transcript as well.


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