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Whatcha Talking About Storey? Essay

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Within Cultural Studies and the Study of Popular Culture John Storey attempts to cover a lot of ground in a matter of 163 pages. Storey attempts to endow the reader with a better understanding of what contemporary pop culture is while also opening up the reader to the theoretical world from which many of the current stances on pop culture were born from. It’s rather difficult to understand where one is without understanding how one got there and in turn true understanding of current theory cannot come forth without understanding the theories that built the way for current popular theory. Though underneath this primary objective Storey seemingly has an even more insidious objective. An objective which seeks to enlighten the reader to the contradictory, subjective and speculative nature of the theories that have amassed in an effort to force the reader to question the words of Storey himself and the words of some of the most respected names in the field of cultural studies in an effort to force the reader to create a world view of their own.

To understand pop culture one must understand one simple fact: pop culture is a cat fight. Pop culture is a clothes ripping, face clawing, kicking and screaming cat fight between two very different ideas. On one side you have the girl who preaches that pop culture is structure. She screeches across the room that the capitalists imposed culture on her boyfriend and that’s why he cheated on her. Quite obviously her boyfriend was duped into cheating on her. On the other side of the room you have the girl who is screeching back that culture is the voice of the people and that the boyfriend’s idea to cheat on his girlfriend was born of a completely organic ground level process. In the middle tryin...

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... Kriss Kross subverted the purpose that the capitalists sought to impose on them and gave the clothes their own meaning while making everyone jump, jump, jump.

Ultimately one has to realize that all of this is theory. It’s not the gospel truth; it’s not scientific fact, heck it hasn’t even been featured on an episode of Oprah where she gives away free cars to the people in the audience. As a result this could be all wrong or all right or a little bit of it could be right and most of it could be wrong. Some of it could be right for you but not right for someone else and in that flows Storey’s true truth which is that truth is subjective and theory is based on perspective and that the only way to finish the gazillion piece puzzle that is the world is by dumping out all the pieces and examining each one by one and figuring out which fits the best for your world view.

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