What Work Is By Philip Levine And Jim Grayson Essay

What Work Is By Philip Levine And Jim Grayson Essay

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If you’ve worked in your life then you know that working takes effort, dedication, and hard work. Work for many can also be a struggle just like it was for the main character in “What Work Is” by Philip Levine and for Jim Grayson’s in his interview in “Working” by Studs Terkel. Both the man in “What Work Is” and Jim Grayson are struggling with their experiences with work. The man in “What Work Is” cannot find a job and his brother is overworked, Jim Grayson has a job but it 's very tedious and he doesn’t spend much time with family. Work is a struggle as proved by Philip Levine and Jim Grayson, they conveyed this by using ethos, pathos, and logos as well as literary elements and techniques.
Jim Grayson and Philip Levine both realize that work itself is a struggle. They both convey this through ethos or “credibility.” Jim Grayson is a “Spot Welder, working his third shift”(Terkel p.g 227) he works at a plant on an assembly line where he puts the pieces of the a car together, he does the basics. He knows that work is arduous because he experiences it first hand. Jim explains “You have the sparks and smoke...you can cut the heat with a knife, especially when it gets up in the nineties. You get them carbon monoxide fumes, it’s just hell”(Terkel 227-228) Jim is surrounded by this all day he has to breath in the fumes, he has to subject himself to the heat. Working is a struggle because of the role it has in one 's life. The health risks involved can seriously affect
If it 's so hands on and laborious it can tire one out, just like it does to Jim. Jim compares it to hell meaning it 's so agonizing and hard. When researching the author Philip Levine ethos can be seen in his own life story. Philip Levine, as stated in his biography cr...

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...g jobs like factory workers, construction workers, farmers etc. People work to survive for the week, some paycheck to paycheck. They make sacrifices because they need to eat and pay all the bills sometimes for themselves both most times for the people they care about. Their children need all kinds of things ranging from diapers to college tuitions. Some people will subject themselves to any kind of work because working gives money and money helps support. People must conform themselves to all kinds of work just to make means such as prostituting like told in Working by Studs Terkel. Though working is a struggle to people it 's worth it because they find security, and stability. If they were to be without a job then there would be an even bigger struggle. There is no escaping the fact that working is a struggle, in a way a struggle to survive and get through everyday.

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