What Were You Expecting At Happen During Your Trip? Essay

What Were You Expecting At Happen During Your Trip? Essay

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What were you expecting to happen during your trip?

Well, as you may already know, one is always positive when you are about to do this, thinking that everything is going to be fine. And because one needs the money for anything, one must remain positive, without knowing what one’s destiny will be. All your life, one does not measure these circumstances until things actually occur; one does not know how to live life and appreciate time. Another thing is that one does not look at the serious crime one is committing, since when they mention money to you, these things are not taken into account and without knowing you ended up intertwined in a place like this, and possibly even dead. Thank to God, I am alive because in this drug business, these two things happen sooner or later. Jail time or dead. But thanks to God who has given me another opportunity to remain alive, so that my family, wife and my two daughters are able to see me once more. At the moment, when I phone them, they get incredibly happy because at least they hear my voice, but first God will have me again.

Where does it comes out of and who were you with when the department?

Us, as I told you, lived in a fishing area, which is called, Buenavista. There we went out through the [barra que se echa en la playa y se le hacen dos rompe olas de piedra] so that it does not close again. And we were offered this trip and we went out like at 2 p.m. from Buenavista offshore. The two boats sailed, in each one there were two members on board and we sailed to do our mission. They gave us the coordinates and when we would be coming back, they would tell us where we needed to go and the ones that were on motor boats were the four Guatemalans.


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...us. We told them that things were not like that, they had not captured us at the same time. I was captured about 60 miles distance from them, but they said that no, that everything was the same [was connected in some way]. I told them that we had nothing to do with the drug, we never grabbed it and therefore the cases had to be separated. Nonetheless, they did not paid attention to us, and that is how we were all put together in one single case. Here I give you two responses to your questions.

1. How was I able to be with 6 other crew members (or passengers) from different countries?
2. Which was the mission you had? And how are you in the same case?

What I have highlighted in phosphorescent is the address and name to where you need to send the visiting application. It is to the counselor that you must send it to. All the data is there and may God bless you.

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