What Were The Origins That Made America? Essay

What Were The Origins That Made America? Essay

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Understanding how Native Americans, conquistadors, plantations, colonies, and war laid the foundation of America is valuable information that every student should become knowledgeable about. In this course, we will explore units that focus on the early stages of the New World, and how these stages laid the foundation of America. We will master this material by breaking the material into five units that are three weeks long. Through the use of primary documents and secondary sources, lectures, and discussions, the material presented will allow the student to travel to the times of Native Americans, conquistadors, plantations, colonies, and war. This will allow the student to become knowledgeable of the many stages that laid the foundations for America. By the end of the semester, the student should be able to understand and proudly answer the question, “What were the origins that made America?”
In the first unit, the main idea will be focused on the idea of Native Americans. Before we can discuss the colonization of America, the students will need to have an understanding that this New World that was about to be conquered and colonized, had been inhabited by people for an extended time. In chapter one of American Colonies: The Settling of North America, by Alan Taylor, it is pointed out by Taylor that a group of, what scholars call Paleo-Indians, lived in the migrated areas of North America. These Siberian ancestors lived by hunting and gathering, and groups consisted of small bands of fifty people. An abundant diet that was provided by the animals and land, caused the bands to become overpopulated, furthermore causing many of the groups to subdivide. As early as 9,000 years ago, people could be found from present day Alaska to t...

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... the war that laid the foundation for the American Revolutionary War. The war that would define the new world as America.
Throughout the five units that cover the stages of Native Americans, conquistadors, plantations, slavery, colonies, and the French and Indian War, the student will come to an understanding of the backdrop that created the new world. As these stages come together to influence the new world, the student can have an understanding of what defined America. The use of the different sources in Alan Taylor’s, Karen Kupperman’s, Ira Berlin’s, and Fred Anderson’s books back the thesis that all students should become knowledgeable of the foundations that were laid for America. It is important for the students to know the history of what defined their country early on, so that they can fully understand how it plays a role in the making of our great country.

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