What Were The Authors Attempting For Discover? Essay

What Were The Authors Attempting For Discover? Essay

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1. Describe the overall purpose of the article. What were the authors attempting to discover?
The overall purpose of the article was to look into the rights given to kids in Britain, Swiss and in the United States. What discovered was that each country based on cultural norms and rules were different on the way they took care of the children. The authors discovered that in Britain and Swiss, children advocated for self-determination for young boys versus those in the U.S. advocated young girls and younger children. The age of the parent also played a major role in how children were raised. Older parents are mature then younger parents while parents were supportive of self-determination versus non-parents. Parentialism was an important mechanism in all countries because it determine how parent should guide and lead their kids’ lives. Kids should be given parental supervision until their old enough to make decision for themselves.
1. The authors discuss the independence vs interdependence orientation and the individualistic versus collectivistic orientation. Define the meaning of these orientations and their relationship/significance to children’s rights as noted in the article.
Independence means to depend upon self to the job done. Independence isn’t looking to involve anyone or rely on anyone but themselves. Interdependence is when one depends upon the other. Meaning one function cannot flow without the other function. Both have to work together overall. Individualistic is oriented around self, and individualistic is group that values goals within that culture. Collectivistic is oriented around family, groups and communities, collectivistic means working with others and supporting each other.
Individualistic significance to th...

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...ese cultures have invested into education and it is on the rise in all countries.
Figure 2, depicts the rights that’s given to adults in the U.S, United Kingdom and Swiss. In the findings, I learn how sexual condition are an important factor to the lives of young and old adults in the United States. According to figure 2, The older adults in the U.S. is into the media because it is way for them to keep up with current events. In education, religion and privacy, older Americans are mostly affecting by the results due to their interest into these values. Older Americans have significant results versus young adults because older adults are prone to be more affective to the older situation. However, education have become important in the lives of people because it is vital that kids are being taught and this will go about bringing in a society that educated.

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