Essay What was OPLAN 90-2

Essay What was OPLAN 90-2

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Despite the meticulous planning for OPLAN 90-2, there were a number of external factors that disrupted overall timeline and sequence of events. The plan was to assault and seize the Omar Torrijos International Airport after the last commercial passenger flight was scheduled to arrive at 2300. However, the flights arrival was delayed by two hours. The plan was to give enough time for the passengers to get their luggage and clear the airport prior to the assault. Weather conditions also became an issue for the departing forces. Soldiers traveling by convoy from Fort Ord to Travis Air Force Base had to combat a thick fog, coupled with Christmas traffic making the 150-mile trip very difficult. Upon arrival to the base, not all of the aircraft were configured the same, which was not surprising because most of the aircraft were pulled from different bases all over the nation of short notice. Equipment had to be repacked and the aircraft had to be reconfigured along with amending the flight manifests to fit all of the troops and equipment. Due to inclement weather at Fort Bragg, the Paratroopers arrival was also postponed. These delays were not taken into account during the planning period, which ultimately delayed departure.
The media became alerted to the troop movement in both Panama and Fort Bragg and broadcasted to the public that the troops were likely headed to Panama. Although this OPSEC was practiced and enforced by the unit’s, the command could not force nor control the families of the deployed members from buzzing about their quick departure. The PDF was tipped off about the impending invasion. US Communications were also intercepted. “The commander of the 8th Infantry Company at Fort Espinar was told the ball ga...

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...h planning and the swift execution while quickly adapting to changes, this operation would not have been a success. The integrity of the mission was maintained: seizing control of the country, disabling the PDF, capturing their leader Manuel Noriega, while damage to personal property and Panamanian deaths were kept to a minimum. This type of decisive leadership, operational surprise and joint effort proved that the Army can deliver a long-range, precision strike capability providing a great example of how Soldiers can plan and execute future missions.

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