What Values are Sacrificed for Freedom?

What Values are Sacrificed for Freedom?

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Many personal values are sacrificed in order to maintain freedom in the country. Freedom is kept by fighting against enemies in wars. Wars take a tremendous toll on the people in the country. Many of the things sacrificed for freedom are people’s lives, freedom, money, health, and emotions.
Fighting for freedom turns out to be an ironic event. It is ironic because freedom is sacrificed to guard it. Many brave men and women give up their daily lives so they can be shipped off to a place where they must follow orders and engage in combat. They drop everything to defend their country and the rights of the people living there, while giving up some of their own in the process. When on the lines, they are not free to wander around as they please, to sleep whenever they want to, or to eat what, where and when, they want. Unfortunately, along with enduring these inconveniences, some of our heroes are forced to give up the greatest thing of all, their life.
While defending their country in wars, thousands of brave souls perish, forcing their loved ones to move on without them. Others are lucky compared to these soldiers because they get to return home suffering from minor things such as disease, injury, or nightmares. In combat, warriors are forced to see horrific things that scar them mentally for the rest of their lives. Others are scarred physically and are constantly reminded of their treacherous memories from serving in the military. Often times, sleeping turns into a hassle for the veterans because they re-live the atrocities that occurred on the battlefield. Many people come back home needing psychiatrists to cope with the emotions racing through their body.
Not only do the people serving for the military sacrifice, people staying home do too. While soldiers are out fighting, people that stayed behind suffer from tax increases, raised fuel prices, and a major slump in the economy. People are forced to make sacrifices in order to fund the war. Some may start carpooling, others move, while some lose their homes altogether.

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The effects of maintaining freedom range from subtle to drastic.
Clearly, there is a steep price for guarding freedom, but in the end, the benefits outweigh the price. As a result of freedom, people can believe, think, and say what they want. Also, everyone has a voice, and can help change their community or nation into a better place for everyone. Although the sacrifices are large, the end result, freedom, is worth all of the pain and suffering.
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