Essay about What Type Of School Do You Teach?

Essay about What Type Of School Do You Teach?

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In what type of school do you teach? (Type an “X” next to the appropriate description; if “other” applies, provide a brief description.)
Elementary school: _____
Middle school: _____
High school: _____
Other (please describe): __PK-12_(one building) _
2. Where is the school where you are teaching located? (Type an “X” next to the appropriate description.)
City: _____
Suburb: _____
Town: _____
Rural: __X___
3 Describe the physical facilities (e.g., hallway, parking lot, gym, tennis court) and equipment available to you for the learning segment.
[ The physical facilities I have at my disposal are one full size soccer field outside weather permuting, which is located across the street. The school I am student teaching at has one small gymnasium which is the size of a full basketball court, as well as a main gymnasium that has three full size basketball courts. There is a dividing curtain that is down to separate one basketball court running length wise and on the other side of the curtain there are the two other full size basketball courts running length wise or one full size basketball court expanding with wise.
The equipment I have available is a class set of soccer balls, three adapted foam soccer balls, ample amount of cones of different sizes, class set of pinnies.
I unfortunately do not have any form of smart board/chalk boar/whit board, no space for a bulletin board, and I have to take down all word wall, task/cue cards, and any other educational material used during my lesson each day.

4. Describe any district, school, or cooperating teacher requirements or expectations that might affect your planning or delivery of instruction, such as required curricula, pacing plan, use of specific instructional strategies, or sta...

... middle of paper ...

...l affect your instruction in this learning segment. As needed, consult with your cooperating teacher to complete the charts. Some rows have been completed in italics as examples. Use as many rows as you need.
Consider the variety of learners in your class who may require different strategies/supports or accommodations/modifications to instruction or assessment (e.g., students with Individualized Education Programs [IEPs] or 504 plans, students with specific language needs, students needing greater challenge or support, students who struggle with reading, students who are underperforming or those with gaps in academic knowledge).
For Assessment Task 3, you will choose work samples from 3 focus students. At least one of these students must have a specified learning need. Note: California candidates must include one focus student who is an English language learner.

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