What Type Of Garden Is The Best Fit For You? Essay

What Type Of Garden Is The Best Fit For You? Essay

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Would you enjoy having fresh, delicious, luscious vegetables to eat all summer long that cost you almost nothing? I know I would. Well, now you can have your veggies and eat them too. Try building your own vegetable garden. It can fit all sizes of yards and decks. You just need to pick the location and type of garden. Next, you will prepare the garden site and work the soil. Finally, you will plan the specifics and plant your garden. With some care and patience, you will be enjoying the fruits of your labor in no time.
What type of garden is the best fit for you? Do you have room in a large backyard, limited space, or no yard at all? A thriving garden is possible in any one of these scenarios. If you have very limited space, you will want to consider a container garden planted in small planters possibly on a deck. If you have plenty of room and do not mind losing some yard space, give a traditional ground-level garden a try. The size is fully adjustable to your preferences. Let’s focus on getting a traditional ground level garden started in the yard.
Where do you want to grow your garden? Evaluate your location. There are a few important things to consider in your location choice. Your garden needs sunlight to survive and thrive. Just like your cell phone needs to recharge on electricity to operate, your garden needs sunlight to grow. Pick a location that gets the most sunlight. The antithesis of sun is none other than rain; however, rain is essential too. Observe how the yard drains water. You want to chose a location that will get rain but will also drain well. Ponds of water in your garden will drown your plants. There’s no life preserver to toss them, so plan ahead to avoid this catastrophe. Now that you’ve chosen a location t...

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...orrect depth and with proper space from neighboring plants. This will help produce a strong, thriving plant. A professional gardener often will add a little compost to each hole when planting. It gives the plant a burst of nutrients to its roots right away which helps it to take hold in the soil. A second tip would be to label each planting with a labeled popsicle stick. It’s important to know what plant is what. Now, water that garden with an even, spread-out soaking. Remember, the goal is to deeply water but not over water. If you see ponding, then stop.
Congratulations, you have successfully planted your first garden! Sit back, take a deep breath, enjoy a cold beverage, and reflect on the good work that you have begun. Enjoy the journey and keep at it. In just a few months, you will be ready to enjoy your first fresh vegetables that you grew with your own hands!

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